Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Used for Good: My Story Matters

I grappled for a long time about writing a blog, and how much of myself to reveal in the blog. Like most people, education and my childhood have had a significant impact on the woman I am today. As I develop my education consulting company and write about education issues that move me, I believe it's only fair that I liberate myself first. I've spent many years hiding my truth from most of the world, wearing a facade to avoid revealing myself and the incidences that created the woman I am today. I consider myself an underdog, and I want to write blogs for Educate to Liberate that empower and raise awareness of issues that students, particularly young women and students of color, face that are often overlooked in our schools.

Here goes! Since I was 5, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. Books were abound in my home. I spent countless hours playing school, and forcing my sister and neighborhood friends to play school with me before they could go to recess (play on our backyard swing set). Learning was my life, and it showed because I was admitted into the Gifted Student Program (GSP) in elementary. Within a few years, I transitioned from a vibrant, inquisitive child to a broken girl and no one noticed.

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