Thursday, January 19, 2017

It's Official...I'm Running for Crowley ISD

Well, it's official! Yesterday, I filed as a candidate for Crowley ISD's school board. I am a first-time candidate and having my children accompany me made this moment much more special. Although my daughter was slightly disappointed that we didn't "run" anywhere after I told my kids that I was going to run for school board.

Nevertheless, I'm excited to be embarking on this journey and I can't wait to meet the parents, children, teachers, and community members who are helping to make Crowley ISD an exceptional district. I have a wonderful team with a wide array of experiences helping me prepare to work for you. Please visit my campaign website to learn more about me, ask questions, and get involved.

Why I'm Running


Today, we face tremendous challenges in public education.  As we try to raise our youth to compete in a fast-paced, global society, education is often treated as an afterthought.  Far too often, those in power speak of quality education for all children; yet when it comes to the task of educating and socializing our next generation of leaders they often fail to offer real solutions. Well, my name is Nedra Robinson and I’m running for Crowley ISD’s school board to change that. Teachers and students must frequently contend with increasing demands, shrinking budgets, and eroding community support.  As a former teacher of Crowley ISD, I understand some of the needs of our district’s children and their teachers. I am running for a position on the board to ensure that our teachers and students receive the support they need.

I have fifteen years of experience in education. I taught middle school math for six of those years, served as department chair, math coach, and was named Campus Teacher of the Year in 2010. In addition to being a former educator, I am a member of the community and a single mother. My life and my family mirror many of the families residing within Crowley ISD. I believe that I will bring a unique perspective to the board and I will ensure that the views of single parents and non-traditional families are taken into account. As a single mom, I understand the importance of a quality education and how it can change the trajectory of a family.

I also share in the struggle of making difficult decisions about childcare, searching for affordable before and after school care, trying to decide on the best schools to send my children, ensuring that I can meet the financial obligations of school, and simply determining whether I have enough time or energy to attend school functions. Like many parents, those and other issues weigh heavily on my mind as my children navigate through school.

Although I’m often exhausted from my many responsibilities, I’ve learned that nothing impacts education greater than parent involvement. It is necessary that we collaborate with parents, teachers, taxpayers, and the community to provide opportunities for all of our stakeholders to be involved in the process of making Crowley ISD an exceptional school district.

I’m privileged to be raising two children who love to learn, and I want to ensure that Crowley ISD can give other children the same joy of learning and additional skills that are needed to be successful in life.  While many involved in education policy have little professional expertise in teaching or have children who will be impacted by the boards’ decisions, I can assure you that my background as a teacher and my status as an engaged community member will be a tremendous asset to the Crowley ISD school board. 

I know about schools, I know about teaching, and I know what our students need.

Crowley ISD educates approximately 15,000 students, and it is a majority-minority district with African-Americans and Latinos making up the largest subgroups. We need to ensure that EVERY child receives the knowledge and skills necessary to be ready for college or a career regardless of what area they come from within the district, who their parents are, their ethnic background, what religious group they belong to, or what they show up to school knowing. From modern classrooms to challenging courses to engaging extracurricular activities to phenomenal teachers, every child in our district should feel empowered to explore, engage, and excel.  As a member of the school board, I will work to make sure that “all means all” when it comes to having access to learning, to performing, and to being a part of our school communities. 

I understand the economic implications that arise when people fail to receive a quality education. What begins as the achievement gap slowly becomes the employment and wage gap due to the world’s demand for a more educated workforce. We, in Crowley ISD, must give students the tools today to excel tomorrow.  College and career await our graduates, and far too many high school graduates in Texas are poorly prepared for life after twelfth grade. Fortunately, Crowley ISD has implemented MyChoice Programs on several campuses to provide students an exceptional learning experience. We must continue to make sure that our district graduates young men and women who have the skills, knowledge, and discipline to succeed in college or their future career. 

For many years, I have been active in my community and I have seen, firsthand, what young people need to succeed.  In my opinion, one of the most expedient ways to improve equity and close the achievement gap is to provide teachers with high-quality professional development. As a former educator, I know all too well what it’s like to teach a subject that you are knowledgeable about; yet you lack the training or resources to adequately teach the content to your students. I honestly believe that the majority of educators enter this profession to truly transform the lives of students. Unfortunately, this is difficult without the proper support and training. Thus, in regards to equity in education, closing the achievement gap, and ensuring that our scholars are prepared for postsecondary life we must provide training to teachers that gives them a deeper understanding of their subject, time to practice and master the skill, and the ability to collaborate and observe teachers who are stronger in that area. This deeper learning will translate to better instructional practices across the district and an increase in student knowledge which will lead to educational equity.

We live in a fast-growing region in a dynamic and powerful state. Our children have lots of opportunities, but also face tremendous competition.  They deserve to have an advocate on their school board, one who is experienced in education, politics, and community engagement.  They deserve to have an advocate on the board who has taught in the classroom and has seen the struggles and triumphs that occur there.  They deserve to have an advocate on the board who is a mother, and who sees a little bit of her children in each and every one of them.

Ladies and gentlemen, I know I will be a tremendous asset to the Crowley ISD school board.  I hope you feel the same, and I would like to ask that you cast your vote for my energy, experience, and expertise.  With Nedra Robinson, you will have a member of the board who sees both sides of the coin.

Elect Me Today for Our Children’s Tomorrow

Thank you.

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