Thursday, February 9, 2017

News Made Simple for Kids with Newsela

Most kids don't keep up with the news. Face it. Only a few households receive daily newspapers, and discussing current events with your child isn't particularly the easiest thing to do. Well, there's a news website that's targeted to youth in grades 2-12.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Preparing for Kindergarten: Making Alphabet Cards with Your Little One

A few weeks ago, I had this bright idea of creating this learning area in the media room for my daughter. This room served as my son's playroom from the time he was 10 months - 3 years old. Then I decided to make the play area an adult space, and I moved all of the educational things to a guest bedroom and that became his playroom. By the time my son was six, my brother was living with me and I was pregnant with my daughter. Once again, the rooms shifted and I came to realize that the adult zone that I wanted would not be.

My son's room grew into this mishmash of infant, toddler, preteen STUFF. It seemed that each wall represented a different stage of his life from art projects to little league to educational items. Just STUFF EVERYWHERE!

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